G01 Montessori Map of Ireland Geography €75
G02 Montessori Map of Europe Geography €80
G03 Montessori Map of World Geography €70
G09 Solar System Geography €55
G10 Cabinet for Four Maps. Geography €85
G11 Geography Folder Stand Geography €30
G21 Mini Geography Cabinet Geography €170
G31 Jigsaw Map of Ireland Geography €20
G32 Jigsaw Map of Europe Geography €20
G33 Jigsaw Map of the World Geography €25
G34 Jigsaw Map of England and Wales Geography €20
G35 Jigsaw - map of Scotland Geography €15
G41 Globe- Land and Water Geography €35
G42 Globe - World Parts - Coloured Geography €35
G45 Flags of Europe Geography €105
G51 Land Forms Set Geography €210
GA01 Traditional Irish Ringboard - Small Size Games €20
GA01b Set of Six Rings Games €20
GA02 Traditional Irish Ringboard - Full Size Games €40
GA02a Ringboard Crafting Kit (Full Size) Games €26
GA03 Championship Ringboard Games €80
GA04 Junior Ringboard Games €17
GA05b Bingo! Maths (Intermediate) Games €15
GA15 Domino Game Games €11
GA21 Rory's Story Cubes Story Time €13
GA21b Rory’s Story Cubes: Actions Story Time €13
GA21c Rory’s Story Cubes: Voyages Story Time €13
GA22 Antics Games €30
GA23 Celtic Art Memory Game Games €11
GA24 Discovering Ireland Games €30
GA25 6 Wooden Dice in box Games €4
L250 Sand Letters - Cursive Language €75
L251 Sand Letters - Print Language €75
L701 The Weather Chart Language €60
L703 Insets For Design Cabinet Language €160
L703C Metal Insets for Design Language €75
L703D Plastic Insets for Design Language €20
L703E Inset Tracing Tray Language €20
L703F Holder for Inset for Design Paper Language €12
L704 Farm Language €120
L706 Small Movable Alphabet Language €45
L709 Large Movable Alphabet Language €90
L715 Holder for 3 pencils. Language €3
L716 Set of Eleven Coloured Pencil Holders Language €35
L717 Alphabet Jigsaw Language €11
M00 Numbers Puzzle Mathematics €15
M000 Large Numbers Puzzle 1-5 Mathematics €25
M001 Numbers 1-9000 Large [on wood] Mathematics €30
M001a Large Number Cards 1-9000 Laminated Mathematics €30
M002 Numbers 1-9000 Small [on wood] Mathematics €25
M002a Small Number Cards 1-9000 Laminated Mathematics €25
M003 Sand Numbers (on wood) Mathematics €30
M004 Numbers Pegboard Mathematics €35
M005 Adding Board Mathematics €30
M006 Cut-out Numbers and Counters Mathematics €25
M007 Number Boards and Counters Mathematics €25
M008 Printed Numerals In Box Mathematics €12
M01 Binomial Cube Mathematics €40
M02 Trinomial Cube Mathematics €65
M05 Number Rods Mathematics €70
m05a Stand for No. rods Mathematics €45
M06 Small Numeric Rods Mathematics €40
M06a Numbers for Small Numeric Rods Mathematics €5
M08-1 Seguin Boards - Teen Boards Mathematics €30
M08-2 Seguin Boards - Tens Boards Mathematics €30
M08-A Teen Bead Box Mathematics €14
M08-B Tens Bead Box Mathematics €14
M09 Spindle Boxes and Spindles Mathematics €55
M09-A Individual Spindles Mathematics €0.3
M10 Addition Strip Board Mathematics €30
M11 Subtraction Strip Board Mathematics €30
M12 Multiplication Board Set Mathematics €25
M13 Division Board Set Mathematics €20
M14-A Introduction To Decimal Quantity Mathematics €60
M14-B Introduction to Decimal Symbol Mathematics €12
M16 Golden Bead Cube of 1000 Mathematics €55
M17 9 Golden Bead Squares of 100 Mathematics €45
M18 9 Golden Bead Bars of 10 Mathematics €5
M19 9 Golden Bead Units Mathematics €2
M20A Introduction To Decimal System Mathematics €110
M21 9 Wooden Cubes Mathematics €40
M22 45 Wooden Squares Mathematics €50
M23 45 Golden Bead Bars Mathematics €25
M24 45 Golden Bead Units Mathematics €7
M25-B Wooden Tray - Small Mathematics €14
M25B Golden Bead Material Beads etc. Mathematics €350
M26 Addition Snake Game Mathematics €65
M26-B Subtraction Snake Game Mathematics €90
M27-F Coloured Bead Stairs Mathematics €40
M53 100 Board Mathematics €35
M60 Stamp Game Mathematics €40
M61 Numerals And Signs Mathematics €95
N01 Bird Nature Inset Puzzle Nature/General €12
N02 Tree Nature Inset Puzzle Nature/General €12
N03 Flower Nature Inset Puzzle Nature/General €12
N04 Rabbit Nature Inset Puzzle Nature/General €12
N05 Fish Nature Inset Puzzle Nature/General €12
N06 Frog Nature Inset Puzzle Nature/General €12
N07 Cow Nature Inset Puzzle Nature/General €12
N08 Leaf Nature Inset Puzzle Nature/General €12
N09 Insect Nature Inset Puzzle Nature/General €12
N10 Snail Nature Inset Puzzle Nature/General €12
N11 Tortoise Nature Inset Puzzle Nature/General €12
N12 Mushroom Nature Inset Puzzle Nature/General €12
N13(a) 3 Puzzle Cabinet. Nature/General €15
N13(b) 5 Puzzle Cabinet Nature/General €20
N13(c) 9 Puzzle Cabinet Nature/General €28
N13(d) 12 Puzzle Cabinet. Nature/General €35
N20 Cabinet of Leaf Shapes Nature/General €60
N26 Types of Dinosaurs Nature/General €0
N27 Types of Leaves Nature/General €16
N30 Cabinet of Raised Puzzles Nature/General €55
N31 Apple Jigsaw - Large Knob Nature/General €11
N32 Two Geo Shapes with large knobs Nature/General €12
N33 Three Geo Shapes with large knobs Nature/General €13
N34 Pair of Shoes with large knobs Nature/General €11
N35 Ladybirds with large knobs Nature/General €11
N36 Fruit Jigsaw- Large Knobs Nature/General €15
N37 Large Numbers Puzzle 1-5 with large knobs Nature/General €25
N38 Elephant Jigsaw Nature/General €5
N39 Teddy Bear Jigsaw Nature/General €5
N41 Train Single Line Jigsaw Nature/General €6
N42 Farm- Single Line Jigsaw Nature/General €6
N43 Pets- Single Line Jigsaw Nature/General €6
N44 Vehicles- Single Line Jigsaw Nature/General €6
N45 Hospital- Table Top Jigsaw Nature/General €8
N46 Tractor and Trailer- Table Top Jigsaw Nature/General €8
N48 Numbers Table Top Jigsaw Nature/General €8
N49 Baby Dinosaurs- Table Top Jigsaw Nature/General €8
N50 Puppy, Teddy and Duck Jigsaw Set Nature/General €12
N61 Travellers Jigsaw - Caravan Nature/General €12
N62 Traveller Jigsaw - Horse Nature/General €12
N63 Traveller Life - Tin Smith Jigsaw Nature/General €9
N64 Traveller Life - Horse Fair Jigsaw Nature/General €9
N65 Traveller Life - Clothes Line Jigsaw Nature/General €9
N66 Traveller Life - Winnie Nature/General €9
N67 Traveller Girl with Toys Nature/General €9
N68 Traveller Family Nature/General €9
N69 Romany Storyteller Jigsaw Nature/General €9
N70 Romany Dancers Nature/General €9
N71 Diversity Kids Jigsaw Nature/General €9
N72 Boy with Train Set Nature/General €9
N73 Boy with Doll Nature/General €9
N74 Sarah Jigsaw Nature/General €9
N75 Diversity Kids Painting Jigsaw Nature/General €12
N76 Diversity Kids Playing Jigsaw Nature/General €12
P01 Press Button Frame Practical Life €15
P02 Large Buttoning Frame Practical Life €15
P03 Hook and Eye Frame Practical Life €15
P04 Bow Tying Frame Practical Life €15
P05 Lacing Frame Practical Life €15
P06 Buckling Frame Practical Life €15
P07 Small Buttoning Frame Practical Life €15
P08 Zipping Frame Practical Life €18
P09 Safety Pin Frame Practical Life €15
P10 Shoe Lacing Frame Practical Life €15
P11 Velcro Frame Practical Life €15
P12 Bag Clipping Frame Practical Life €15
P13 Dressing Frame Holder for 6 Frames Practical Life €55
P20 Mini Clothes Line Practical Life €15
S01 Cylinder Blocks set of 4 Sensorial €165
S01-E Release Tool Sensorial €5
S02 Pink Tower Sensorial €45
S02-C Stand For Tower Sensorial €10
S02B Box with Cubes for Pink Tower Sensorial €35
S03 Broad Stair Sensorial €85
S03A Box with Prisms For Broad Stair Sensorial €45
S04 Red Rods Sensorial €55
s04a Stand for Red Rods Sensorial €45
S05 Knobless Cylinders Sensorial €90
S06 Constructive Triangles Sensorial €130
S07 Blue Triangles Sensorial €20
S08 Rough and Smooth Boards Sensorial €30
S09 First Box Colour Tablets Sensorial €15
S10 Second Box Colour Tablets Sensorial €30
S11 Third Box Colour Tablets Sensorial €75
S13 Rough and Smooth Tablets Sensorial €33
S14 Sound Boxes Sensorial €40
S15 Geometric Solids Sensorial €90
S15-A Geometric Solids Natural Finish Sensorial €90
S16 Baric Tablets Sensorial €38
S16A Thermic Tablets Sensorial €45
S17-A Mystery Bag - Geometric Shapes Sensorial €25
S18 Geometric Cabinet Sensorial €250
S19 Demonstration Tray Sensorial €40
S19-A Cards for Demonstration Tray Sensorial €12
S20 Cards for Geometric Cabinet Sensorial €25
S22 Box For Geometric Cards Sensorial €22
S23 Blindfold Sensorial €5
S24 Fabric Box Sensorial €25
T05 Sloped Writing Board Physio Aids €52
T05c Footstool (Lower) Physio Aids €33
T05d Footstool (Medium) Physio Aids €36
T05e Footstool (Higher) Physio Aids €39
T11 Folder Stand Lisheen Products €35
T13 Celtic Puzzle Cube Other Products €11
T14a santa door Other Products €15
T15 Irish Fairy Door Other Products €15
T16 Fairy Door Scottish Other Products €15
T17 Fairy Door Buddies Other Products €15
T18 Magic Door - Reindeer Stable Other Products €15
T18 Fairy Door Buddies Yellow Other Products €15
T19 Magic Elf Door Other Products €15
T19 Fairy Door Red Other Products €15
T20 'The Twitters' CD Story Time €10
T20 Fairy Door Blue Other Products €15
T21 Fairy Door 2 Other Products €15
T22 Elf Door Other Products €15
T23 Leprechaun Door Other Products €15
T24 Reindeer Stables Door Other Products €15
T25 Painting Puzzle: Flower Lisheen Products €5
T26 Painting Puzzle: Bear and Balloon Lisheen Products €5
T27 Roman Arch Other Products €40
T28 Paint it yourself Jigsaw Other Products €5
T29 Froze... Other Products €9
T30a Flags of the Counties Lisheen Products €80
T30b Flags of the Counties (DIY) Lisheen Products €50

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  • Lisheen Montessori Materials are used worldwide. I know because I use them in training teachers all over the world. Their products are so professionally made with great attention to detail. Even after 25 years in the business they still look as good as new - that's quality! Jo Culhane: Montessori Teacher.
  • The quality of "Lisheen" products are top class. At Country Mice the "Lisheen" farm is still going strong, it was used by my son when he started school and he is now 23.
  • I have purchased montessori equipment from you in the past year and I am very pleased with quality of same,clarity and colour of catalogue and friendliness of staff. Rosemarie Downey. Happy Start Montessori Pre-school, Donegal
  • I have purchased montessori equipment from you in the past year and I am very pleased with quality of same,clarity and colour of catalogue and friendliness of staff.
  • Lisheens’ superior quality wooden map puzzles have been and will continue to be essential stock items here all year round Gareth Staunton.
  • Excellent quality jigsaws and cabinets. Still perfect after ten years of every day use. Best wishes on your new website Mounthawk Montessori.
  • Great Equipment. Great Service and delivery Siobhain Moore.
  • Lisheen Montessori School Supplies" is a very professional company. I have been dealing with them for many years. The quality of their products are top class. It is a pleasure dealing with the staff at "Lisheen". If I know they have the product I am looking for I wont look any further. Marian. Country Mice Pre-School.
  • The Montessori equipment from Lisheen Toys is far superior then many other suppliers. I purchased some sensorial equipment from other suppliers and found that the equipment was not up to standard. I think it might be that Gerldine has trained with St Nicholas Montessori school, and understands what is required.
  • Good quality products. Excellent customer service with regard to damaged goods or delays. Highly recommend "Lisheen".
  • I have been so impressed with your selection of equipment and the quality and how promptly they are delivered. Nothing was a problem! I was also happy to "shop" in Ireland. Good Luck and will visit soon. Maureen Rooney Deepdales Montessori Bray Co. Wicklow
  • I find that my son benefits big time from the Sloped Writing Board produced by Lisheen for schools and parents of children who need help in this area. Do you have any other toy that he would benefit from as he suffers from dispraxia.
  • I have purchased many products over the years from "Lisheen Toys" company.The children in the school find the products exciting and the fresh approach to the activities are modern , practical and durable. Gaye Mullen A.M.I. Principle Directress Punchestown Montessori School
  • I have purchased montessori equipment from you in the past year and I am very pleased with quality of same,clarity and colour of catalogue and friendliness of staff. Rosemarie Downey Happy Start Montessori Pre-school Co. Donegal
  • Delighted to hear you will be available on the web, makes life a little easier. I have been so impressed with your selection of equipment and the quality and how promptly they are delivered. Nothing was a problem! I was also happy to "shop" in Ireland. Good Luck and will visit soon. Maureen Rooney Deepdales Montessori Bray Co. Wicklow